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"When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we needed to find that perfect someone to marry us. I interviewed six individuals for this special job. I knew instantly that Phyllis was the right person for the job after our initial phone interview. When we met in person, she only reinforced our belief that she was the perfect individual to officiate our wedding. At first impression you will find her to be a warm and very "real person." During our visit and the writing of our wedding vows, she made us feel totally comfortable with our beliefs and thoughts. One of the things that impressed us most was her acceptance. She did not try to change or sway us with what we wanted. Tom and I could not have chosen anyone more suited, as you will find upon getting to know Phyllis. She exuded with the love of live which is very contagious. We were very privileged to have her as part of our wedding party and will always hold her as a special part of our family."
Nancy and Thomas Knapstein, Richmond, VA

"My husband, Marion and I were married by Rev. Min on November 9, 1991 in Richmond, VA. Rev. Min orchestrated a beautifully flowing, sacred ceremony for us that took into account not only our individual spiritual beliefs but also supported us emotionally-both as individuals and as a couple, as we expressed our love and devotion to one another through spoken vows and unspoken intent. Respectfully and sensitively, Rev. Min used symbolic ritual, light and music to help us to express our unique, eternal and unconditional union. Now, fifteen years later, our love for one another has become interwoven between our souls and Marion and I know, truly, that we are forever and infinitely joined, beginning from that very point in time that Rev. Min helped us mark indelibly upon our hearts and minds."
Dr. Pamela K. Hannaman-Pittman N.D., M.S. and Mr. Marion B. Pittman, Ashland, VA
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