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Have You Had Your Pet Blessed? Pet Blessing Ceremonies
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Darlene Dunn, Staff writer


Paws 4 Celebration is a ministry devoted to celebrating the life of all companion animals. Founded on the belief that all animals are created by God and have a right to health, safety, kindness and respect, this ministry assists humans in deepening their appreciation for their companion animal.

To honor your companion animal Paws 4 Celebration will create a meaningful, personalized ceremony each with a unique spiritual significance. Your choice of ceremony may be to commemorate an event or to simply say, “Thank you for being in my life.”

Paws 4 Celebration ministry provides memorable occasion for your pet to be acknowledge such events as:

  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • Pet Day
  • St. Francis Feast Day
  • Memorial/Tribute to the passage of life
  • Special Healing Blessing
  • Just to Say "Thank You"
Pets in wedding

Acknowledging canine family members in the wedding

Your pet's personalized ceremony and blessing will be meaningful to both of you! Ceremonies may include such forms of celebration as: healing touch, prayers, poems, music, gentle pet massage, or any other appropriate and meaningful symbolic gestures.

Remember to share the gift of love. Give back to your beloved animal friend who deserves this special recognition. Please note that no species in the animal kingdom is excluded from receiving a celebratory tribute honoring their life!

Visit this link for Reverend Phyllis Ann Min's Pet Blessing Prayer and photos from the pet blessing ceremony at the Annual A.A.R.F. meeting and fundraiser in Richmond.

Donations: are based on private or group rates and the distance of travel. A ten per cent tithe of the proceeds will be donated to a local animal reserve.

Yorkie, Laraaji
In memoriam Laraaji.

Celebrant: Phyllis Ann Min, minister, animal chaplain, and the creator of Paws 4 Celebration, lives in Richmond, Virginia. Her relationship with her beloved Yorkie, Laraaji helped inspire this ministry as did her belief that God loves all creatures and wants us to love and appreciate one another.


Contact Rev. Phyllis Ann Min at (804)353-9127
e-mail Paws4Celebration@aol.com

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